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Photos: Daniel Mansur

PROPAGANDA (folie), 2021

Digital photography, metal and ACM panel


PROPAGANDA (3 pavilhões), 2021

Digital photography, three-face aluminum panel, engin

PROPAGANDA (arco-íris cor de sangue), 2021

Digital photography, wood panel

Since 2001, Lucia Koch develops the series Fundos, in which the inner part of empty packages is photographed, magnified in architectural or urban scale, and then exhibited, thus suggesting new spaces and converting such images into virtual architectures.


The work PROPAGANDA is composed of interventions in billboards made with photos of boxes and packages collected in the cities of Brumadinho and Belo Horizonte. Such images are presented in existing billboards in Brumadinho, as well as in new ones installed at Instituto Inhotim (at Galeria Praça and the Peninsula in front of the same gallery).


In the advertising billboards occupied by the artist’s intervention, no product or real estate development will be announced during a whole year. The work evokes issues around the place of the art and the logic of maneuvering the propagation of information. Each image is inscribed in two distinct landscapes—Brumadinho and Inhotim—, yet placed in a path that connects both spaces. This way, they can be seen in sequence and end up composing the same experience.


If Lucia Koch makes use of billboards that usually exhibit advertisements in Brumadinho to convey images of a different nature, at Inhotim she installs structures and panels similar to those found in the city, yet, they become strange elements regarding the landscape and the environs of the Institute’s galleries.

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