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Photos: Edson Kumasaka and courtesy of São Paulo City Museum 

[automatically translated]



As multiple as his own production, Guto Lacaz transits through various means. Graduated in industrial electronics and architecture, the artist unfolds between drawing, design, sculpture, performance and installations in which humor prevails based on drawing, the first idea that expands through a field of actions.


The Allegro exhibition, which now occupies Chácara Lane — Museum of the City of São Paulo — presents an intersection between the different languages with which the artist works. These are installations displayed among visual poems, drawings, prints, publications and objects, works that punctuate an arc of almost fifty years of these ideas that permeate the artist's production.


Works such as “La luna”, “Plano de spheres” and “Umbrella delivery”, projects designed by Guto almost thirty years ago, now leave the drawing board and take shape. These installations are presented alongside historic works, such as the serigraph series “Small big actions”, the objects that merge into “Industrial Coincidences” and the artist’s publications, with emphasis on “The Robbery of the Monument to the Flags”, reissued as part of the exhibition. The exhibition also includes a series of drawings developed over thirty years for the magazine Caros Amigos, visual poems by the artist and the work “Fantasma”, now reissued for distribution.


Added to this production are video recordings of actions, performances, interviews and interventions carried out by Guto. This material becomes part of the artist's video channel, launched on the occasion of the exhibition.


The occupation of Chácara Lane celebrates the artist's universe at its own pace. Guto Lacaz is Allegro in itself — light and light as the musical tempo that lends its name to the exhibition — he carries the world in his work with the same lightness as he faces it.

Douglas de Freitas

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