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Photos: Photos: Ana Luiza Albuquerque; Brendon Campos; Filipe Masini

Enamorados [Enamored], 2004–2005 

Rowing boats, searchlight, timer device and steel support 


Originally developed for Lagoa da Pampulha, in 2004, and shown the following year at the 51st Venice Biennale, Enamorados [Enamored], 2004–2005, consists of two rowing boats set up face to face. Two spotlights are positioned inside the vessels and light up following a pre-programmed timer. First, the light on one of the boats turns on, while the other remains off. After twenty seconds, the opposite occurs, that is, the light on the first boat goes out, and the light on the second turns on. Finally, the lights of both boats turn on simultaneously, and then turn off at the end. This cycle repeats itself uninterruptedly. 

The idea of cycles—passage of time—and a certain fantastic theatricality are recurring elements in the artist’s works. In Enamorados, now installed on the lake in front of the True Rouge Gallery, these elements are presented to create a narrative of flirtation, in which two bodies signal to one another, turning their lights on and off, communicating silently, without ever touching. 

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